Word on the Street

Girl I know how much you really want somebody/ Want somebody that don’t really need you/ Girl I know how much you really want somebody/ Want somebody that ain’t trying to keep you
Kirko Bangz’ hook on Drank in My Cup reflects his understanding of his love interest’s desire to be appreciated without the requirement of giving in return. As you continue to develop the skill-set that will drive your success, you will have less and less time for yourself. Highly-skilled people headed towards great success are in high demand. People smell your energy and talents and want to utilize them for their own benefit. Even if you get a thrill from helping others, it can quickly become very stressful to be in such high demand and have your attention pulled in so many directions. Kirko is aware that his love interest is special and in high demand. He therefore suggests that he provide something unique for her, meeting her needs, but not requiring anything back in return. While it’s important and rewarding to help others, find some Kirkos in your life that give to you, without asking for too much back. We all need a balance between providing and being provided for.
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